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Welcome to UBA, we are Badminton in Uganda


  1. To promote and develop the sport of Badminton  in Uganda.
  2. To lay down and secure the adoption of the sport rules and to take decision on all matters relating to the sport of badminton in Uganda.
  3. To act as the sole controller and governing body of the sport in Uganda.
  4. To foster closer relations by encouraging the holding of competitions and matches between players of affiliated clubs and arranging for the participation of Uganda players in regional and international tournaments.
  5. To take action,  keep records on all issues of players under the Association and other matters related to the sports gowth, competitions, governance and development.

Latest in local news

In an exhilarating final match on Thursday, February 16, between Algeria and Nigeria at the All Africa Men’s and Women’s Team Championships in Cairo, Egypt, Algeria secured a historic victory by defeating Nigeria 3-2.

Cairo, Egypt – The stage is set for an exhilarating display of badminton prowess as the draw for the All-Africa Senior Championships was conducted today at the Cairo International Stadium.

The All Africa Team Championships 2024 in Egypt reached its Day 3 with electrifying matches and unexpected turnarounds.

In a highly anticipated event for badminton enthusiasts across the continent, the All-Africa Senior Badminton Championships is set to unfold at the Cairo National Complex from 12th to 18th February.

Cairo, Egypt – The All-Africa Senior Team Championships, featuring the prestigious Thomas and Uber Cup, continued its exhilarating journey into Day 2 at the Cairo International Stadium.

Freetown, Sierra Leone – The echoes of shuttlecocks reverberated through the air in Freetown as two esteemed coaches from the Czech Republic, Veronika Brožkovcová and Lukáš Kroc, embarked on a transformative journey to contribute to the development of badminton in Sierra Leone.

Head Office Address:

Sharing Youth Center Nsambya
Administration Block, First floor

Hours of Operation:
Office Hours: Mon. - Fri.: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Saturday.: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Off Season Office Hours -

All days whenever the country is under lock down for health purposes.