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A new international badminton tournament is coming up in Uganda: The "2015 Kampala International". It will be held from Thursday, 17th to Sunday, 20th of September in the MTN Arena, Lugogo, Kampala, and will cover Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

The tournament prospectus can be downloaded from the BWF website using this LINK.

"The Laws of Badminton" and the "Instructions to Technical Officials" are published on the BWF website:

Laws of Badminton

   - Appendix 1  Variations in Court Equipment

   - Appendix 2  Handicap Matches

   - Appendix 3  Other Scoring Systems

   - Appendix 4  Vocabulary

   - Appendix 5  Imperial Measurements

   - Appendix 6  Additional Equipment for Para-Badminton

   - Appendix 7  Instant Review System


Instructions to Technical Officials


A list of other important documents, e. g. General Competition Regulations etc, can be found under


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