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World Badminton Education has just released a new badminton APP.  The contents of the APP, describes in details most aspects inside badminton regarding tactics, technical strokes and footwork. Also the APP offers a suggestion to how to build up badminton practice in an age related perspective.

The APP can be found on App store, and you just search under “world badminton education” or just “badminton education”. The APP is made for iOS and Android platforms.

The material is shown in 120 high quality video sequences, where five of the world`s best players participate. Each video sequence is described in written and spoken text as well. The participating players are Jan Ø Jørgensen, Christinna Pedersen, Kamilla Juhl, Mads Conrad and Mads Kolding.

The APP can be used for different purposes. You can take a badminton coach education directly on the APP. The education is made in cooperation with and is quality approved by Badminton World Federation.

If you don’t want to take a coach education, you can use the APP for getting new knowledge, and being inspired regarding working with badminton in the future. So the APP is aimed at players, coaches, parents and everybody else with an interest in badminton.

The APP could fit very well into most federation`s coach education system, as it can be used as course material for different levels of courses. The developers of the APP are former Danish national coach Kenneth Larsen, and former assisting Danish national coach Claus Poulsen.

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