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Casablanca. - Our Under-19-Boys-Doubles won Silver at the All-Africa-Junior-Championships. Gold for the host Algeria, Bronce for Egypt.

Award Ceremony

Uganda Badminton Association participated in the All Africa Under 19 Junior Championships which were held in the city of Casablanca Morocco from the 22-29-August-2016. The team comprising of four players SSENONO Davisi, Kasirye Brian, Kobugabe Husina and Naluwooza Tracy was headed by the CEO Simon Mugabi.

The championship had both team and individual events. In team events there were 9 countries; Algeria, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Morocco, Seychelles, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.

Uganda was in group A with Egypt, South Africa and Seychelles. It was the toughest group. Uganda lost to Egypt and South Africa 4-1 and won Seychelles 3-2. As such did not qualify for the knockout stage.
The team event were won by Egypt--Gold. Algeria--Silver and both South Africa, Mauritius got Bronze medals.

Uganda tried its luck in the Individual events with much hope in Boys Singles and Doubles.
However they lost in singles to Egyptian and South African players in the quarter finals.

The hope remained in the Boys doubles. They won the mighty Egypt in semis and played the Algerian in finals whom they lost to 2-0. As such settled for the silver medal.


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