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BWF has published a memorandum referring to the highlights of recent regulation changes.

This memorandum is a summary of the important recent changes to the Laws and Technical Regulations about which Players and Coaches should be informed. It is important that they are aware of these changes so they can behave accordingly at upcoming tournaments. Having said that, it is still recommended that all Member Associations, Players, Coaches, Team Managers, and all other stakeholders be aware of all BWF Codes of Conduct, Laws, and Regulations.


BWF Shuttle Time Program has been launched in Butambala Mpigi. The function was held at Gombe SS which has a population of 4000 students.

BWF is calling for applications from players on the international circuit who want to learn English to improve the way they communicate with the media, fans and sponsors. This is an amazing opportunity for 25 badminton players who  want to improve their communication skills in English.


Application Form

Please find relevant information about

- BWF's Integrity Program

- Anti-Match Fixing and

- Anti-Doping

in this PDF document.

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