Who we are!

Who we are!

We are a government sports organization.

Today Badminton is the fastest indoor sport in the world. We use a racket and a shuttle cork to play. We play singles and doubles, and fully inclusive of all gender, age, and indiscriminative of physical abilities.

With air badminton now out, Badminton can also be played outside. With up to three individuals on one side, totaling to six players at once. 

Competitions and Media.

Here in Uganda we compete rite from primary schools levels, club levels, University levels, National Levels and international levels. Our events are always covered in the media, and our players like Kasirye Brian, and Fadilah Shamika always representing on international stage.

For all international events Uganda is always represented with a team, comprising of both male and female competitive players.

We have representation in Common wealth games, World Championships, Olympics, All Africa Games (Gold ) among so many other major international Tournaments.

Badminton is the only sport in Uganda that was able to hold an international tournament as covered in the media, and as witnessed on our live stream media channels. We have a presence on all the major social media websites, and have a good and growing following.

General Uganda community

Badminton in Uganda has one of the biggest communities, which comprises of junior and senior players. Since it also played for leisure even in this season of covid 19, our players flock their respective clubs to play and others to train in anticipation of  early opening of the main sports activities.

We have playing clubs in Entebbe, Kampala, Mukono, Jjinja, Arua, Mbale, Busia and active players in other parts of the country like Mbara, Lira, and Fort-portal among others.

Leadership and affiliations

Uganda Badminton Association (UBA), is governed by a general assembly, through which leaders, are voted to run the day today administrative and political duties of the Association. The head of the team is usually the Chair person and per the constitution and the CEO normally runs general sports related activities.

All our leaders are in harmony with each other and work closely together to see that badminton is reaching the heights it should.

Head Office Address:

Sharing Youth Center Nsambya
Administration Block, First floor
E-mail: info@badmintonuganda.org

Hours of Operation:
Office Hours: Mon. - Fri.: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Saturday.: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Off Season Office Hours -

All days whenever the country is under lock down for health purposes.